Undergraduate Opportunities Fair


The Fair will take place during the morning to early afternoon of Thursday, October 24th to coincide with Course Request for the Spring semester. The Event will function in two complementary segments: an informational display fair hosted on the Drillfield followed by presentations on offerings in Squires Student Center.

The display fair will begin at 10:00 AM and take place under a broad tent, akin to the Education Abroad Fair, on the Eastern portion of the Drillfield. Organizations, programs and classes have the opportunity to share their endeavor with the student body by creating an informational poster or otherwise devising a method to share information on their initiative to students who pass through The Fair. Representatives of each participant group will be able to inform attendees of their offering and invite them to learn more at their afternoon session. The Fair will close at 2:00 PM to provide preparation, take-down, and lunch time before our afternoon sessions.

Participants have the option to host a more in-depth session in the early afternoon to students who expressed interest in their offering. As attendees may have only the time to briefly peruse the displays, or not have time at all for the morning section, these sessions are to offer more in-depth information, gauge interest and collect information, and provide a second opportunity to increase awareness. These sessions will begin at 2:30 PM and be hosted, by Participant’s preference, in small to medium size rooms in Squires. Sessions will be on a continuous schedule so some may overlap with each other but we will organize them with a priority on minimizing potential conflicts. We will provide snacks, drinks, and information in the Jamestown room of Squires.

Undergraduate Opportunities Fair     ||     Details for Participants



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