Undergraduate Opportunities Fair


Virginia Tech offers a wealth of offerings to enhance students’ educational experience outside of traditional settings and roles. Opportunities are provided by every component of the University – from each College we see innovative programs being encouraged, we have independent Professors creating novel curricula, student services inventing new ways to foster student success, and the University as a whole is adopting new guidelines and initiatives to enhance the student experience. These offerings source from such a diverse field of innovators that it is very difficult to keep abreast, even if attentive, of new opportunities.

The Undergraduate Opportunities Fair is designed to proffer some of the new and innovative initiatives that Virginia Tech provides to as many students as possible by reducing the barriers to information. Bringing these programs to a physical and visible space allows us to decrease these barriers and raise students’ awareness of opportunities. Increasing the students’ awareness encourages student engagement with opportunities and produces a better undergraduate experience.

Over the long run, we envision an increase in the student body’s awareness of innovative initiatives will lead to an increase in student demand for effective and innovative programs, coaxing Virginia Tech’s educational future to an invented future.

Undergraduate Opportunities Fair     |     Details for Participants


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