Details for Participants

Details for Participants

Below you will find information on which initiatives are appropriate for The Fair, resources provided to initiatives, afternoon interest meetings and registration. Scroll all the way to the bottom to find specific details about what the day of The Fair will look like from your perspective.


There are a few ways in which an organization, initiative, program, or other (collectively, initiative) can participate in the fair and host a display.

If your initiative..

  • Is accessible and interesting to a broad range of students (not a single Department, short list of Majors, or very limited student groups)
  • Is innovative, unknown, or otherwise pushes the boundaries of Virginia Tech’s undergraduate experience

.. , your initiative is likely appropriate for The Fair and we’d love to have you register!

If your initiative..

  • Is restricted to an individual department or has special constraints such as First Year Experiences, senior design projects, and themed housing.
  • Chiefly focuses on non-academic skills, knowledge, or experiences

.. , your initiative may not be suitable for The Fair. If you believe it is, though, by all means – please contact us or apply through the registration process.

Other ways to qualify:

We recognize that organizations such as the University’s Colleges provide multiple opportunities that are too specific individually but, when combined, will appeal to a wide enough range of students to be suitable for The Fair. We invite compilations of those specific programs to register as one initiative.

As an example, the College of Science is producing new, focused undergraduate programs (Computational Modeling & Data Analysis, Neuroscience, Nanoscience and the Integrated Science Curriculum) which are not appropriate individually but may be represented as a whole by the College of Science.

Organizations with limited resources may contact the team with a proposal on how you could participate. Possibilities include a poster hung, a freestanding display, or inclusion in an online catalog.

What will be provided for Participants?

You will be provided with a 6’ x 2’ table and two chairs. When you arrive at the tent, you will find the name of your organization on your table. This will align with a map provided to you shortly after October 18th which will illustrate your location within The Fair.

Wireless internet access will be available within and near to The Fair’s canopy.

Electricity is limited but available upon request. Indicate your preference for electricity and how you will use it so that we can make a decision on whether we can provide it for you.

Where can we store our materials before our interest meeting?

Organizations which will be hosting an interest meeting at Squires Student Center (SSC) may store their materials in the Jamestown room in SSC beginning at noon and collect them before your meeting’s time.

When does Registration close?

Registration will close at 5:00 PM on the 18th of October. Keep in mind that SSC meeting room timeslots will be assigned early on.

How can we make changes to our registration?

Please contact InnovateEDU by emailing with your update.

The Fair :

The tent, tables and other utilities will be set-up by 9:15 AM on the eastern portion of the Drillfield on Thursday, October 24th. You may begin setting up as soon as the tent and utilities are in place. The location of your display will be communicated to you shortly after the close of registration, the 18th of October.

The Fair will commence at 10:00 AM and continue until 2:00 PM, at which point we will begin disassembling the tent, tables, and other components of The Fair.

Organizations must have a representative supervising their display unless they have prior approval (by contacting the team here via Justifications include displaying a poster or other, very minimal, displays.

Interest Meetings:

Interest meetings will begin in Squires Student Center at 2:30 PM on October the 24th. Meetings will be between 30 and 45 minutes long and hosted in a large or small version of a lecture- or boardroom-style room in SSC. We expect the afternoon to run continuously until 5:30 PM but we will not have finalized the time until we have completed the registration cycle.

Afternoon interest meeting times will be communicated to the primary contact when we have enough participants to begin scheduling times. This is so that we can determine an arrangement which minimizes potential conflicts students may have in attending these sessions.

If there are any troubles during the afternoon, we will be available in the Jamestown room to provide assistance (and snacks) to both students and participants.

Undergraduate Opportunities Fair


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