We have separated the organizations participating into two categories: Those that you can become directly involved with, and those that help make use of the University and its resources.


A program combining interdisciplinary academic study with research into a minor in either Interdisciplinary Engineering and Science or Science, Engineering, and Law. Scieneering provides students a chance to work on complex, real-world problems under the guidance of a mentor, while getting academic credit for your work.
VT Engage
VT Engage coordinates opportunities for the VT community to give back to the surrounding community while learning meaningful lessons about the world around us. A list of volunteer events are available that fit a variety of interests and time requirements, so everyone has something they can do to help out!
Sustainable Biomaterials
The Department of Sustainable Biomaterials focuses on exploring the use of renewable resources as fuels and to make sustainable products. The department offers minors, majors and opportunities for students to get involved with research in the field.
Forestry Resources & Environmental Conservation
FREC and Sustainable Biomaterials are the newest siblings of the College of Natural Resources. Environmental Informatics, a new program combining big data and environmental science with a vision of sustainability to solve environmental problems, is the first of its kind.
VT Baja & Design Teams
VT Baja designs and builds an off road race car each year to race in a competition held by the Society of Automotive Engineers. They’re a great opportunity to become involved in a project that let’s you apply yourself to build something incredible.If a dirt buggy isn’t quite your thing, you could help build an electric car, human powered submarine, or a concrete canoe. You don’t need to be an engineer to join so check those options out!
Undergraduate Honor System
Did you know that Honor Code violations are tried by a panel of students? Students play a key role in deciding whether standards have been violated and you can get involved in the Undergraduate Honor System
Student Government Association
The SGA represents the student body to work with faculty, administrators, the local community, and students to address student concerns and implement change that affects all students. Let your voice be heard by getting involved with the SGA!
Undergraduate Research Institute
The Undergraduate Research Institute works to get students involved with research by providing opportunities through scholarships, grants and mentoring. The URI compiles a database of research opportunities available in the College of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences. They also preside over Philogia, a student-run undergraduate research journal.
Office of Undergraduate Research
Harness the Power of Discovery! Undergraduate research is a high-impact educational activity that will set you apart from other students on the job market or applying to graduate school. Research also helps you develop the skills necessary to apply and communicate your knowledge to a broad audience while honing your critical thinking skills. Visit our table to learn more about the possibilities and how to get involved. See the stress dude change colors and talk to exuberant researchers!

University Honors
University Honors opens the door to unique classroom, scholarship, research, and personal experiences. They have a fantastic staff who are there to help you succeed in these new opportunities as well. Come out and speak to the Honors Ambassadors to find out what Honors can offer you!


InnovationSpace is a multimedia computer lab open to students for putting together multimedia presentations or videos. InnovationSpace has cameras, tripods, and other equipment available for students to borrow as well as editing software and people that are always willing to help.
Career Services
Career Services is an incredibly invaluable resource for everything from choosing a major, career exploration, navigating career fairs, pursuing internships, and more! Career Services has resources driven to help prepare your transition from education to market. Learn about various career fields, get your resume reviewed, and practice for interviews.
Pre-Education Advising
The Pre-Education Advising Program provides the information you need if you are considering pursuing a career in Education. You can learn about what’s needed to be a strong applicant to graduate schools and licensing programs.
Student Success Center
The Student Success Center center provides resources both to students who are struggling and those who are excelling. Workshops are provided to conquer time management, procrastination, notetaking, and much more! They also have services for Veterans.
University Libraries
While typically seen as a very traditional environment, our Libraries are shaking things up by replacing shelves with new learning and work spaces, providing resources such as the Writing Center and integrating more technology with their services. Come out to learn how you can take advantage of these!

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