Undergraduate Opportunities Fair

The Undergraduate Opportunities Fair is an event showcasing innovative educational offerings Virginia Tech has to offer its undergraduate body. The Fair will bring initiatives from every College together at the most accessible location on campus, the Drillfield. By agglomerating these initiatives, The Fair will raise interest, awareness, and participation in innovative programs at Virginia Tech.

Who’s going to be there?

Key details:

  • The Fair offers a unique structure that caters to students who are in between classes and have but a few minutes to explore the displays: Programs may host an informational meeting during the afternoon in Squires Student Center to supplement their display at The Fair.
  • The Fair will occur during the week of Course Request, October 24th, to take advantage of students’ focus on determining what their plans for the Spring, and future, semesters will be.
  • The Fair will be located, rain or shine, on the East side of the Drillfield. This places your initiatives in the cross-hairs of undergraduate traffic.

Please follow the warp drives below to learn more.

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