Team Problem Solving

Team Problem Solving (or “PS 101: An Introduction to Collaborative Problem Solving”, as we affectionately refer to it as) provides an interactive, interdisciplinary, applied problem solving experience for students of any major or year. We’ll get your mind rolling in new ideas and strategies to effectively and creatively confront complex problems.
Throughout the course, we will engage in challenge-based learning activities based on real-world topics, pulling from historical situations, current events, and future scenarios. We will review literature on the problem solving process and host guests from different fields to enhance our applied practices. PS101 culminates with a student-crafted Action Plan–exploring a problem, designing a solution, and ultimately providing you with an opportunity to showcase what you’ve learned throughout the semester.
This course is an opportunity to develop your critical thinking, creativity, and collaborative skills in a fun, yet challenging, environment.

CRN: 99097; Course: UH 3004
Meeting Times: T: 5 – 6:30 PM & TH: 5 – 6:00 PM
Meeting Location: Torg 1120 (inside of Innovation Space)
Who: Anyone. Any year or major!
If you would like to learn with us but are not in the Honors program, please let us know and we can force-add you (subject to class size). Honors is not at all a requirement but simply a red-tape technicality.


-Jonathan Krone,

-Cassidy Grubbs,


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