Problem Solving 101

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Developing a curriculum/lesson plans for Problem Solving 101 (PS101)
We will be teaching a course during the coming Fall 2013 semester that revolves around group problem solving (gps) experiences. We want to provide students with an engaging experience that drives motivation elsewhere in their education in a way that integrates the development of their skills to collaborate and communicate. We hope the success of this course will serve as validation for the ideas of ProDUCE VT, a course sequence designed to facilitate the learning and application of these skills.

We’re creating this essentially from scratch so we’d love ideas for single- or multiple-class lesson plans – if you have any or are just interested, join us for a day and see where it goes c:
Soon we will be commencing our blitzkrieg-esque-ish marketing campaign for PS101. We need to get the word out! Wanna help make some flyers, email templates, etc?

-Cassidy Grubbs,
-Jonathan Krone,


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