A sound strategy to create and implement ProDUCE VT & PS 101

Cassidy Grubbs & I met early today to discuss our vision and strategy to develop PS 101 and ProDUCE VT. We’ve laid a broad outline, spanning from now to late Spring semester of 2014, covering our intentions for ProDUCE VT and PS 101. Our portfolio progresses from research and development to the implementation and distribution of a product we believe will be extremely beneficial to students and the university.

Summer ’13:

  • Thorough review of literature and anecdotal evidence on (Group) Problem Based Learning
  • Examine existing programs/case studies
  • Identify the process to push for a pilot ProDUCE VT
  • PS 101 – Develop a concrete structure and begin creating daily plans + materials

Fall ’13

  • Continue to develop the curriculum/lesson plans for PS 101
  • Start the push for a ProDUCE VT pilot
  • Observe (G)PBL in action; both how it can be facilitated and how participants navigate the challenges
  • Present progress, become activists for ProDUCE VT/PS 101

Spring ’13

  • Teach PS 101
  • Continue pushing for a ProDUCE VT pilot.
  • Present at our SemiConfoSium