Virginia Tech’s First Undergraduate Opportunities Fair

With course request a little over a month away, our preparations for Virginia Tech’s first Undergraduate Opportunities Fair have been getting into full swing. The Undergraduate Opportunities Fair will showcase some of the wide variety of programs and opportunities that Virginia Tech has to offer its undergraduates. Details have been quickly coming together since we decided over the summer that holding this Fair during Course Request would be ideal since students are actively considering their academic and career plans during this time. We’ve spent the past 1.5 months working on key details such as time, location, how the event will be organized, and what kind of opportunities and programs that we want to be highlighted in the Fair.

The Fair will be located on the east side of the Drillfield (the half that’s closer to the library and Squires). This puts the Undergraduate Opportunities Fair right in the middle of traffic to and from classes, maximizing the number of students that can learn more about the programs being showcased. The Fair and displays will be tailored to students who may be between classes and only have a few minutes to browse the displays. In the afternoon, there will be interest and information sessions for students to learn more about specific programs.

Delving through the webpages of Colleges and Departments for opportunities we felt were appropriate confirmed our concern that many opportunities are difficult to initially discover and do not have much information on the web. This is one way in which The Fair can be a key resource to students, especially those that might be interested in involving themselves outside of their field of choice. It took hours to learn what programs exist, what they are, who to contact, and how they could be involved. With the Fair we can connect these programs directly to students that might be interested in them.

We’re excited to see the first few organizations sign up to participate in the Fair and we look forward to see what participants like InnovationSpace, Scieneering, and the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials bring to The Fair!

Learn more about the event here: