Minutes 10/2/13

Today we had an interest meeting to bring in new members to InnovateEDU. We shared the goals of our organization and described our current projects: The Fair, UBTS workshops, and PS 101.

We then asked new members what they’re interested in and why they came here:

  • Wanted to get involved with educational policy
  • Help expand the use of flipped classrooms
  • Help set up programs that would captivate interest for middle or high schoolers
  • Frustration with their own secondary and tertiary education
New project ideas suggested:
  • Encouraging expansion of flipped classrooms
  • Research Virginia gubernatorial candidates views on education and inform students about them
  • Teaching kids about exploring current events/politics, getting the full story and various viewpoints, how to determine biases
  • Taking high-schoolers on an on-school-grounds nature field trip

We’ll be meeting next week, October 15th, to discuss these new ideas and our current projects!