Minutes 05/01/13

Fairly big meeting this week! Overview, commence!

1. Discussed and declared Summer-time executive positions. Positions will be reassessed again during the coming Fall semester. We decided a Secretary was unnecessary over the break.

  • President: Jonathan Krone
  • Treasurer: John Morelock
  • Marketing: Cassidy Grubbs

2. Recruitment is a top priority over the Summer and Fall semester. We need additional members to best provide our current programs. We discussed avenues for recruitment such as:

  • GobblerFest
  • HRC Exchange
  • Listservs such as EDCI and University Honors
  • Education-oriented student organizations

3. We discussed objectives to be met over the Summer. Most objectives are associated with projects currently in development such as the planning of PS 101 and the solidification of lesson plans for our participation with Upward Bound & Talent Search.

  • UB&TS – solid lesson plans including physical and presentation materials
  • Semiconfusorium event planning
  • PS 101
  • Persistent updates – Consistent progress reports to keep everyone informed
  • GobblerConnect
  • Google Blogger – Check out this service as a potential blog platform.