Minutes 04/17/13

1. Discussed roles needed for next year:


    • Coordinate meetings (setting agendas; securing room)
    • ImportantEmails
    • Go-to person
    • Coordinate internal groups


    • Accounting
    • Funding proposals (actively look for funding opportunities; manage internal funding requests)


    • Webmaster
    • Calendar/scheduling


    • Advertise & promote club and club events

Think about whether you can fulfill these roles and we’ll discuss who should assume which role next time!

2. Discussed seminar/conference possibilities.  If we want it to be in the fall, planning must start now and be finished by mid summer.  If we want it to be next spring, planning must by finished by the fall.

3. Created a shared Google Calendar

For next meeting:

  • Discuss positions for next year
  • Reemphasize more group members