Minutes 04/03/2013

1. Discussed opportunities with Upward Bound & Talent Search Tutorials (15mins):
We have the opportunity to plan and implement workshops at each of the tutorials (excluding the last as it is an end of semester celebration). These workshops might include more demonstrations, such as those on March 23rd, or other innovative ways to engage students in their learning. We are allowed complete creative freedoms to try things out. For this project we will plan these three tutorials for next semester (Fall 2013) to present to the director for approval by the end of this academic year.

2. Discussed the Mission and Vision for the club (30mins):
To be fully decided upon through google docs and the next meeting.

3. Split into task forces for the different projects:
Problem Based Learning curriculum/Produce VT
Upward Bound & Talent Search Tutorial planning
Decided that regular meetings will meet twice a month instead of weekly while these projects groups meet in between and as needed.