Minutes 03/27/13

1. Summary of the events and feedback received from the engineering outreach with Upward Bound & Talent Search at Virginia Tech

2. Listed and discussed ideas for implementation:

  • Undergraduate Research Resource Database
  • Seminars
  • Annual Seminar/conference
  • Essay Contest/Scholarship
  • Produce VT
  • Problem Solving Competitions
  • Reward Professors (Digs Scholars)
  • Outreach to students
  • Curriculum Ideas
    • evaluate current classes and create strategies on how to make them better
    • alternative schools taught using alternative methods (flip schooling)
  • Short term projects presented to middle/high school kids posed with general, broad questions i.e. how could you improve Tech? Solve this problem at the end of a week-2 week program.
  • Outreach to teachers about innovative methods

For the next meeting: Determine which projects are feasible and prioritize what to work on.