Upward Bound & Talent Search: Engineering Outreach

Partnering with the Upward Bound and Talent Search programs and the Engineering Science Department at Virginia Tech, we organized demonstrations of two very interesting labs that undergraduates are partaking in: Bio-Inspired Fluids Lab (BIF) and the Multiphysics Research Group. Hoping to inspire high school students to consider science and engineering and excite them about the possibilities in the field, undergraduate and graduate students put together fun demonstrations for high-schoolers to learn more about how interesting their future in science can be.

The Bio-Inspired Fluids Lab (BIF) brought in a high-speed camera for students to play with. Students were able to smash nuts and oranges and watch it in slow motion (and backwards!).  They were also able to get in front of the camera themselves and watch what their lips look like when they vibrated them.

The Multiphysics Research Group brought in ferrofluids, which is basically a fluid that reacts to magnets.  Watch this video to get a better idea. Students were able to play with ferrofluids and magnets, watching how the two interact with each other.

Afterwards we asked for feedback and the students said that they want us to bring more experiments to them and that many of them found science and engineering more interesting after today.  They said that if they could change something about it they would have added more time so they can do more experiments and have time to try and figure things out for themselves.

It was a phenomenal day! Pictures are below:


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